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Yes, we only use fully qualified technicians and sonographers at our practise.

Since its introduction 30 years ago there has been no evidence to suggest that ultrasound scanning presents any risk to the mother and baby. This is being monitored on an ongoing basis by experts at the British Medical Ultrasound Society, and we pay very close attention to their updates and adhere to their regulations at all times.

We use the GE Voluson E6. Built on the powerful Expert Series platform, the Voluson E6 combines advanced 2D and 3D probe technology plus innovative hardware and software architecture. Every component works together—processing multiple data points simultaneously in real-time to help deliver exceptional images. The Voluson E6 enables you to see clearly at early stages.

More Information: http://www3.gehealthcare.com/en/products/categories/ultrasound/voluson/voluson_e6

No. You don’t need a referral from a doctor or midwife for any of our 2D, 3D or 4D scans.

Yes please. We can get busy as our practise is very popular. We aim to see everyone interested in one of our scans as soon as we can. You can also book in advance so you know that your scan appointment is waiting for you as soon as your baby reaches the right stage of gestation.

You can either book with full payment or with just a deposit. You will not be entitled to a refund if you cancel your booking or do not attend on the day.

This may be possible in some instances. We work hard to ensure that we stick to our appointment schedule for the benefit or all of our customers, but understand that circumstances can change. You would need to speak to us directly to see if we could accommodate this.

There is no price increase for twins, BUT we do recommend that parents expecting twins book our longest possible package to ensure that the sonographer has enough time to capture the correct images.

A 3D baby scans produces three-dimensional images of your baby. The fourth dimension is motion which means a 4D scan offers a moving video of the 3D scan.

We recommend that you book your 3D/4D scan between 25 – 30 weeks gestation. This allows us to obtain great results and gives your baby room to move around in your tummy. Scans can be offered at other stages of pregnancy should you require them, but the results may not be as good.

As with your regular hospital scans, we ask you to drink plenty of water before you arrive at our practise. This helps to make the amniotic fluid clearer which allows for better images. If possible, maybe have a snack or a drink of fruit juice about an hour prior to your appointment to help make baby a little more active. Other than that, there are no special requirements for your scan, just come, relax and enjoy meeting your little one on screen.

We will try everything we can to make your baby move around or wake up if they are being a little camera shy. However, if we are unable to get good quality pictures you will not be offered a refund. Ladies between 25 – 30 weeks gestation will be offered a date for a rescan. Early or late pregnancy scans will not be offered a rescan as they are outside of our recommended optimum scan dates.

Within reason, you can bring as many as you wish. We love to see husbands, partners, friends, nannies and granddads celebrating the excitement of your new baby.

Yes, we welcome children along to meet their new sibling on screen. An additional adult must accompany all children whilst you are having your scan, as we don’t offer a crèche facility.

Depending on the package you purchase, most appointments will take no longer than 30 minutes, but we ask that you allow an additional 30 minutes in case we need to send you for a walk to get baby moving position.

Yes. Depending on which package you choose, you will get a number of 2D or 3D prints, images on CD, or live 4D video if you choose the option.

Yes. Our 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound scans should be regarded as additional scans and are not part of your routine antenatal care. It is important that you attend all your hospital appointments.

Our 2D, 3D and 4D baby scans are not performed as a check for abnormalities although our sonographers may pick up of defects or potential abnormalities during the scan process. In this instance, he or she will explain their findings as fully and as sensitively as possible to you. At your request the Sonographer will liaise with your GP or maternity unit and a report will be sent to your health professionals.

You can find all the details on our location pages. We have studios in London, Leeds, Manchester & Nottingham. Generally we are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday although times / days can change.

We offer a variety of packages starting from £50 Please see our Prices page for more information